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New Year, New You...

Have you, or someone you know become anxious and stressed and is simply not coping?

As we approach 2021 have an action plan. It is important to talk about how you feel. Please do not dismiss your concerns or judge yourself. Seek help for yourself and for others.

For many people 2020 has tested our patience, tolerance, and limitations. Some mental symptoms of anxiety can include:

· uncontrollable over-thinking and difficulty sleeping

· inability to concentrate

· feelings of dread, panic or ‘impending doom’

· feeling irritable

· heightened alertness and racing thoughts

· changes in appetite

· wanting to escape from the situation you are in

· dissociation and denial

There most certainly is A LIGHT IN THESE TIMES OF PERCEIVED DARKNESS. THAT LIGHT IS YOU, I can help you shine.

#positivity #wellbeing #mindfullness

Image courtesy of David Gabrić @daconja

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